July 24, 2010

Free XML/XSD/XSLT Tools (Updated)

I have tried and used a number of free XML/XSD/XSLT editors and just want to share my experience. If you have a different view or a better free tool to suggest, please let us know.
  1. Recommended comprehensive
    • XMLPad: a pretty powerful XML/XSD/XSLT editor; providing multiple views for XML content. But sometimes there is ad.
    • XMLFox: a nice tool to view and edit XML schemas (and XML content) with multiple views; requires .Net 2.0.
  2. Recommended unique
    • XPath Visualizer: great tool to test XPath expressions.
    • Treebeard: a open source XML/XSLT editor, based on Java. easy for transformation (side by side view); but lack of visual mode and advanced features.
    • XML Marker: XML editor, very unique in visualizing XML data using tables, which is very helpful for editing structured relational data.
  3. Others
    • Notepad++: a general editor for many languages including XML.
    • EditiX Lite: very nice visual (diagram style) editor; it's good to get XPath
      information for any nodes; based on Java. limitation on the free edition (cannot generate schema).
    • XML Notepad 2007: a basic XML editing tool downloadable from Microsoft; requires .Net 2.0.
Online XSLT transformation tools
  1. http://www.shell-tools.net/index.php?op=xslt
  2. http://www.w3schools.com/xsl/tryxslt.asp?xmlfile=cdcatalog&xsltfile=cdcatalog
For other tools recommended, see http://jackzheng.net/cubicleh/software/?part=software_b.htm


Michael Morgan said...

i use gvim for almost all script editing. it's great for almost any language or protocol. it's a free download from download.com.

lichaonet said...

Jack, thanks for sharing.

Have you been tried XMLSpy? I believe it has a free version for personal use.

Asha said...

Yes,I found that XMLSpy and Oxygen are the other tools which are available free on the internet..

Isa Guha said...

Thanks for sharing.