February 16, 2010

Second Life Discussion Summary

A not-so-accurate summary of our Second Life discussion in myRobinson.

Number of people who have:

  • positive views: 17
  • neutral views: 38
  • negative views: 56

It seems that many people are pretty negative on Second Life. Not to my surprise; but as a well educated person, remember this when evaluating a new born something: think rationally, and think outside the box. Do not hype it, yet do not let your difficult experience limit your imagination and critical thinking. Look beyond just Second Life and broaden the view.

Gatner has a nice broad view on many emerging technologies, using its Hype Cycle model. It nicely picture where virtual world is. Read more here:

I selected some representative student quotes; some of them are very insightful:

  • "Second life is still in infancy stage, and dealing with growing pains. My pain with Second life is the complexity of navigating the vast world of 3D. This application is not user friendly and does not appeal to the masses."
  • "We are currently witnessing the baby steps of virtual worlds, but once a lot of problems with them are sorted out and people become more aware of these virtual worlds, there is a great chance that these social network sites will dominate the Internet in the future."
  • "Second Life was interesting for me, I'd never heard of it prior to doing this assignment and I was fairly impressed. I wouldn't spend much time using it, personally, but it is definitely worth checking out."
  • "I don't like Second Life ... But that doesn't mean its necessarily bad. Everyone should try it at least once to get their own idea."
  • "Despite my negative experience I do believe that virtual worlds can serve a purpose. It feeds people's curiosity as it allows them to go anywhere and experience anything they want."
  • "Also just a thought, it could be the real world for terminally ill or disabled patients that cant move."
  • "I found my experience with Second Life to be quite disappointing. The website boasts in big orange letters "Fast, Free and Easy," which I found to be very far from the truth."
  • "It is very confusing and hard for people starting out. Not to mention it is extremely lagged so its hard to do things anyways. And nothing is easy in this program not even developing and dressing your avatar."
  • "... the problems that we are facing is that people have become incapable of socializing in person preferring to socialize over the Internet."
  • "The major problems that I see is that your identity is hidden and you would never know who you are talking to."


David Youmans said...

I understand the point of the "Second Life" for networking and social reasons. I do think it has it's place, but my concern is that people get too absorbed with the "virtual world" and forget about the real world that surrounds them everyday. It can certainly make some people much more introverted and shy in real life situations. Self-esteem issues could certainly come out of too much emphasis on the "virtual worlds" out there. Basically, I think there should be a balance of all aspects to make people more well rounded and adapted to life in the real world.

generation facebook said...

I can see why people like the idea of second life conference. You dont have to travel long distance and always have your suitcase ready to go, and dont have to leave your family for a few days, but what about the people who like to travel and want to have that experience. I think like with everything else related to technology, people depend on it way too much. They stop thinking for themselves and let a computer do it for them. When it comes to virtual meetings, people loose their interpersonal skills and will have a hard time socializing with other people. I’m just not sure about the affect of these virtual meeting in the long run.

Mirela Miocevic