January 17, 2010

Windows 7 on the Rise?

Windows 7 seems to have performed well so far. I personally heard many positive things about it. Businesses are moving toward it, too (Windows 7 Scores Enterprise Wins). However, from my personal experience, I do not have a strong feeling for Windows 7 over Windows Vista. I have been using Vista for the past two years and found many improvement over XP. For example, the snipping tool, easier wireless and network configuration, broader hardware support, etc. I bought a new HP tablet about 3 months ago with Windows 7 installed. But so far, I don't have plans to upgrade my other two Vista computers. I may have missed something about Windows 7. So, what's your idea? What's your experience with Windows 7 where it absolutely wins over Vista? Can you share it?

Don't forget that, as a CIS 2010 student, you can get a free copy of Windows 7 from MSDNAA: http://msdn.e-academy.com/elms/Storefront/Storefront.aspx?campus=gsu_cis


Casey Hylton said...

From my personal experience on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista, Windows 7 is by far the better OS. Once you get past the computability issues that plagued the Windows 7 release, I found a vast improvement in such areas as ease of use, stability and better allocation of physical resources. The interface seems to be on the bunny slopes of the learning curve and makes using advanced features much easier to use without blocking off access to certain functions, one of the major downfalls with Vista. Hardware ratings of physical components also increase and I've noticed a higher level of stability when overclocking.

Rositsa said...

Rositsa Bozhilova
I have used XP, Vista and I am currently using Windows 7. There is certainly a lot of competition between Vista and Windows 7 and to me they are very similar. My Windows 7 so far works really well, it's fast and finding information on the computer has been made extreemly easy. It also has a really beautiful look to it. Windows 7 is a newer and great for laptops as well.

Jaeda Mickens said...

Windows 7 has recieved a lot of acknowledgement ever since it came out. As you can see from the commercials ans such on TV it is supposed to be a huge improvement from Vista. From my experience being a student at Georgia State, Windows 7 gives you way more options. I like the fact that I can have more than one screen up at a time, it allows me to multi-task which as a student is VERY helpful. So I am definitely a Windows 7 fan!!

MSFT_AlexT said...

Hi Jack,

Yes, Windows 7 does represent great improvements over Windows Vista both in terms of stability, reliability and performance. IT Pros and Enterprise early adopters around the world have made it clear to us that they are glad they have upgraded from Vista to Windows 7.

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Best regards,

Microsoft Windows Client Team

Kai Hong Yeung said...

In my opinion, Windows 7 is a breakthrough. I am still using XP so far and the reason I didn't upgrade to Vista is because Vista demands a lot of hard drive space and requires so much memory. I bought my laptop 3 years ago, although it said Vista compatible, I never try it. However, I am going to upgrade my laptop to Windows 7. Some of my friends upgraded it with their old computer and giving positive feedback to me. It is fast and stable. I like some of the features Window 7 copies from Mac OS, like the dashboard. On the other hand, I can get a free copy from GSU, so it is worth trying.

Erin Coleman said...

Erin Coleman
I personally use Windows 7 on my personal laptop and Windows Vista on my family computer at home. However I don’t consider my self to be a very computer literate individual, and with that being said I rarely recognize the various differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7. So I asked my Uncle Joseph his opinion on the two. He is someone who I consider to be a very computer literate and individual, his response to my question was that he preferred Windows Vista over Windows 7 be cause of compatibility issues and the overall ease of using Windows Vista. Naturally I trust and value the opinion of Joseph when it comes to computers so I also believe that Windows Vista is the better over Windows 7. Yet hopefully once I’ve completed Professor Jack G Zheng’s computer information system class I’ll be able to form opinions like these on my own. I look forward to gaining a valuable understanding of computers from this course all while developing into a computer literate citizen.

Lino Rodriguez said...

I would love to answer this question in a more informed educated matter, but unfortunetly I have little experiece using Windows Vista or Windows 7. Now with that in mind; I have dabbled several times with both operating systems. I find that windows 7 has a faster response system and is a little more user friendly, but I am sure there are some down falls with the operating system. what I didn't particully like about Vista was all the memory it took up, thus often led to slower downloads. Wish I could share more, but I find myself playing more with the Mac.

violetvera2 said...

On my personal computer I have both vista and windows 7. I had to get windows 7 because I was having a lot of compatability issues when I first got my computer which was almost 2 years ago. Now I cannot tell you the functions of either if I triied but vista did give me trouble at first so therefor I must have been doing something wrong. And I didn't understand how to work it. But I love windows 7 and I believe that it has great potential.

Love Journey said...

In my opinion I have Windows Vista on my laptop. So far this year alone I have dealt with 2 crashes, constant computer thrashing, and a complete system shutdown after installing vista from Windows XP. Both my parents however have upgraded their laptops to Windows 7 so far so good. Neither one has complained about any freezes are automatic shutdowns which are associated with Vista. Both have also stated that it is overall a better operating system with a faster response and very user friendly allowing for faster downloads and the memory on both of their laptops are not being used or drained my applications on the desktop.