March 18, 2010

HTML Link with Target to a Div

Last time I mentioned about a new trend in the web navigation mode based on within-page navigation:

Currently scripts and plug-ins need to be used to realize such a behavior. But it would be good to have this as a built-in feature of HTML and directly supported by browsers. Here is my thought:

The current <a> tag has an attribute "target", with values like "_blank", "_new", "top", etc. All these are based on the reloading of the whole page. It would be really good if the target could be set to a certain section of the page, such as the <div> tag. For example:

<a href="calendar.aspx?month=3" target="cal">Next Month</a>
<div id="cal"></div>

In this case, the page content will be directly loaded to the "cal" <div>, without special script handling, without reloading the whole page.

It would be good if HTML 5 specification and future browser can support this feature.

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