April 5, 2010

iPad Begins to Sell, and the future of the publishing and media business

[04/04/2010] The iPad arrived in Silicon Valley last Saturday, and an estimated 700,000 iPads bought on day one.

We have talked about slate PC and iPad (as computer hardware) earlier this semester. This week we are talking about e-commerce and m-commerce. This is where information technologies (like slate PC and iPad) have brought us many changes, and to some businesses, the change is huge. For example:

Is this a big deal? Watch this:

Share some of your own experience and thoughts of the publishing and media businesses (such as newspaper, magazine, TV, movie, music, book, etc.). Where do you think these businesses will go in 5 or 10 years? Will they (or any particular company) disappear?


Ken said...

The media and news industries have always been a big part of the world. Many people read newspapers, magazines, and books for leisure or to get the news. Others may watch television to get their news or even watch movies and listen to music for leisure. I can imagine every single one of those things being combined into one device. I imagine that in 5-10 years that there will less magazines, books, and newspapers around due devices like the ipad. Everything will probably become electronic. There will be no uses for paper and it would definitely help the environment. Most people already listen to music or watch tv/movies on their computers or laptops. Laptops do have their disadvantages which can be portability and weight. On the other hand, devices such as the ipad are might lighter and thinner.

Asa Stallings said...

Media is an interesting tool. There are pros and cons to it. When it comes to T.V. I'm aware that many things get distorted as to what really happened. As far as newspaper's go, I never pick one up. It's almost a completely outdated form of media. However, it is useful when major/historical events occur like the Presidential election. That day I bought many newspaper's. Additionally, I think magazines are still relevant. I enjoy music magazines because other magazines seem to repetitive. Overall, I think that depending on the media that is being used it can be positive or negative. T.V. has the disadvantage of having many restrictions. Newspapers have a higher chance of reporting accurately and unbiased and magazines change with the times so they will probably out live other printed forms of media. I believe that eventually newspapers will gone in the next 10 years or so. The generation that acutally reads newspaper's are getting older and dieing. The present generation is more into the newest technology and one magazine's become digital and interactive as shown in the video above, then there will be no need for printed media.

Corey said...

It is true that the print media has been declining ever since the popularity of the internet which provides free fast and easy access to the information needed. I do not think that the print companies are at all going out of business i think our way of viewing media is changing and as the video shows these companies are figuring out that they have to change to meet our changing needs. I am not sure if devices such as the ipad is the directin or saviour of these companies as the slate market as always been a very risky and not accepted device in America partly due to the fact that slates are just another device to lug around.

ImanPeera said...

A lot of people are knocking the iPad by calling it "a bigger iPod touch" but really a device like this needed to come out a long time ago. It's no secret that newpapers and magazine sales have been greatly declining in the recent years due to the internet. After all, by the time you get a story in print, it's old news to anyone who's been online.

Products like the Amazon Kindle have tried to catch on in the past, but due to the fact that they weren't in full color or able to multi-task made them a hassle.

5 years from now I could easily see many iPad knockoffs by various companies. No doubt, if magazine companies are smart they'll team up with Apple to include some trial subscriptions and/or apps to view their content. Marvel has already done so with their Digital Comics app and are ahead of the game.

No one my age reads newspapers or magazines anymore, but we've all got a laptop in our bookbags. The iPad is potentially a way of merging the past with the present before it's too late.

Erinique said...

I think the publishing and media business soon will all be on the computer. I think in 5 or 10 years hard copies of books, cd’s, newspapers, magazines, movie etc will be obsolete. I think in 5 to 10 years everything will be electronic. Electronic books, electronic magazines, electronic newspaper everything you will be able to read or get from your electronic device. I believe CD’s are already slowly losing popularity considering you can download music from the internet. With the release of the ipad I think that laptops are going to become the new home computer and ipad will be the new device that you carry around. I think it’s so convenient to have everything easily accessible on an ipad or laptop. I like the concept of the kindle it would be great if the books were on the computer to read. I think everyday technology improves with a new and better gadget or device to make things simply and easy. I can wait to see what the future of the publishing and media business holds for my generation.

Alicia said...

The way people use the media and news outlets today has changed a lot from the way our parents used it years ago. This will also apply to the children today with the invention and introduction of the Ipad to the public. Apple has completely revolutionalized their product into peoples lives today. Almost everyone has an Ipod today which is used for everything from listening to music or listening and watching lectures for college courses. The Iphone became the fastest growing mobile device because of all their applications. As for the Ipad it has allowed the media and news to re-create the way people use them.

The Ipad has a huge collection of books that people can put in their library on their Ipad. Several magazines have found a way of intergrating their magazines into applications that are easily assesible for their consumers since almost everything is done over the internet now.

It has also allowed away to help out industry such as the Blockbuster by allwing them to create an application for renting anf buying DVDs over the Ipad. People no longer want to go out and drive to a store to buy a movie when they can do it from home. This caused Blockbuster to go bankrupt but with their intelligence to be the first on the market with movies on demand, they are getting some of their revenues back.

I believe the Ipad is a great invention that has done more help than harm. It has brought Blockbuster and other businesses out of slumps and given other companies a way of re-creating and marketing a new platform.

sophie shin park said...

Ipad really is a wonderful device. So easy and comfortable to use. I made an adaptation to the device really fast and seem to be attached to it. My source for all the latest information and news. It seems to me that I always think about the now rather than the future to even think about what will be out in 5 years is too much for me. I always think that the devices that are out now wont be replaced so soon but to my surprise something else always tops it. I'm not much of a tech expert but even I could tell that people are quickly adapting their lives to the comfort and luxury of these little devices. Cant really see anyone these days holding a newspaper or even a magazine anymore. Everyone is holding a laptop drinking their coffee. With an advancement in media technology at this rate, its only a matter of time before we find the use of paper to be obsolete.