November 30, 2011

Web 2.0 User Interface and Interaction

Here I summarize (and envision) some major features of "web 2.0" rich web user interfaces. The question is what features are usually considered to be rich and usable. Let us know if there are things missing.
  • Dynamic content changes and animations: auto-fill, marquee, slides, etc.
  • Traditional GUI controls and interactions: drop-down/pop-up, expanding/collapsing, selection, highlighting, etc.
  • Advanced user interactions using mouse: hold and move, drag and drop, and multi-touch.
  • Within page action: to complete a task, especially that with a number of steps, within the same web page: sorting, filling out forms, log in, add new or change content, seeing additional content, etc.
Technologies and tools that can be used to achieve these features:
  • Traditional and basic DHTML, JavaScript.
  • Client side embedded component: Applet, Flash, Silverlight.
  • Recent AJAX, JavaScript library (JQuery/Prototype).
  • Advanced UI language: XUL.
  • Browser GUI integration.
Here are some other good readings:

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