July 24, 2009

Web 3.0 in My Mind

Now web 2.0 is no longer a new trend. People are starting to talk about web 3.0. The features people imagine are usually: personalized, high speed, pervasive, smart, knowing everything, and do everything as told. There are different perspectives to view the evolution of the web. One of my perspectives is the people's need/want:
  1. Web 1.0: the need for access - the need to find information and knowledge through the web; the need to accomplish tasks through the web.
  2. Web 2.0: the need for interaction - the need to communicate and socialize through the web.
  3. Web 3.0: the need for experience (personal or with others remotely) - the need to have real (well, might be virtual) life experience (all aspects) with other persons through the web. For examples: trying products in virtual-shopping (not just photos or videos); virtual tours to museums, deep ocean or battle grounds (not just encyclopedias); experiencing (not just watching videos) a live event scene (sports, concert, meeting, etc.), or a work environment (a trading floor, hospital, or factory), ; etc. (as you want and can imagine). Systems like SecondLife might be the direction!
These needs are not exclusive or absolute definition for each stage. They are just a way to view the evolution of the web.

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