October 9, 2009

Web UI Integration via REST

My previous blog mentioned about web slice, which can be integrated to IE nicely. Now, can such nice web slices be integrated (mashed-up) to web pages? It's easy to do it on the receiving end, through manipulating XHTML DOM dynamically. What's difficult now is the publishing end. I am not aware of any neat way to just get a particular web slice. Maybe webpage scraping does work but not ideal.

Here is my imagination. Can we use REST and do some URL processing to get a particular web slice? For example, assuming there is a web slice with id "bidstatus", the a URL "http://example.com/examplepage/webslice/bidstatus" or "http://example.com/example.aspx@bidstatus" will retrieve that exact web slice. Maybe this is already there but I just don't know.

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